• For Corporate Clients/Businesses

    For Corporate Clients/Businesses

    Mr. Tian and his team are primarily focusing on providing foreign-related legal services to clients doing business in or with China from all over of the globe. Our services are basically classified into two categories based on types of clients: services for corporate clients, and services for indi
  • Our Focus on Use of Corporate Seal in China

    Our Focus on Use of Corporate Seal in China

    Many are questioning how a big company like Tencent could allow this fraud to have happened to them. Tencent must have a strong legal team to weed out such mistakes. They should have spotted that the seal may not be genuine. The use of seals is pervasive and prevalent in China all sectors of society from governments to businesses. It is rather a cultural phenomenon. For a general understanding of the legal implications of a corporate seal in China, please refer to our past post: the-legal-imp...
  • Right Of Residence

    Right Of Residence

    Cross-border marriages are no longer rare in China, so are cross-border divorces in China. People who are about to get married have increasingly used pre-nuptial agreements to plan for their financial life after marriage. We have helped quite a few clients draft such pre- nuptial agreements.
  • Quotation Of Original Provision In Chinese And English Translation

    Quotation Of Original Provision In Chinese And English Translation

    Right of residence? Something you may have not heard of before in China. It is no wonder since this new legal concept is just recently created in China Civil Code, which has yet to take effect on January 1, 2021.
  • Should I Write A Separate Will For My China

    Should I Write A Separate Will For My China

    This question has been raised frequently over time. A recent inquiry was from a client in UK who has a couple of real properties in China. Upon working on his estate planning, he wondered whether he should write a single will covering both his UK and China assets or write a separate will for China a
  • Special Or General Cosmetics

    Special Or General Cosmetics

    Has any world big cosmetic name not set their feet in China yet? Probably not. China market is simply too big and profitable to miss. In 2019, the cosmetic market grew by almost 13 percent (equivalent to RMB 40 billion or approx. US$5.72 billion), to reach RMB 299 billion (US$42.8 billion), according
  • Forms Of Will Under China Inheritance Law

    Forms Of Will Under China Inheritance Law

    It is not a rare phenomenon: your elderly parents in China is being taken care of by a remote relative while you are overseas; after your parent dies and you think of carrying out inheritance of the estate properties (real estates, bank deposits), to your big shock, that relative (whether cousin or
  • China Law Implications for Achieving the Holding Structure

    China Law Implications for Achieving the Holding Structure

    businessmen quickly learned to set up their own offshore company (in offshore jurisdictions like BVI, Bermuda and Cayman Island) that will come back to China as foreign investors so as to enjoy those favorable treatments available. This trick has been widely adopted and China governments are no fools and started to scrutinize and regulate such fake foreign investments, mainly by virtue of foreign exchange control. To appreciate the matter, one shall know that China has not allowed its citizens ...
  • Repress Property Demand

    Repress Property Demand

    Today, July 15, 2020, Shenzhen local municipal government stepped up new measures to curb local frenzy property market that has made many observers drop jaws. However, in all other first-tiered cities like Beijing and Shanghai, the property markets have been pretty steady without much obvious rise or fall esp in Shanghai where I live and work, making Shenzhen look particularly conspicuous despite the adverse impact caused by the ongoing corona-virus pandemic. Shenzhen is very special city in C...
  • Limit Availability of Mortgage Loan

    Limit Availability of Mortgage Loan

    Most people buying properties in China take out a bank mortgage loan to finance their purchase. Indeed, much of the property market bubble is blown big by easy access to financing. The new policy provides: (1) only those families that don’t have any local home and don’t have any mortgage loan records can now buy their first home (ordinary or luxury) with up to 70% mortgage loan; (2) families that have no local property but have record of mortgage loan (referring to one of the family members havi...